Bill Gates TIME magazine cover, June 5, 1995

Big Tech Celebrity Coronavirus

This was the cover of TIME magazine one month before Bill Gates was named the world’s richest man, which occurred on July 5, 1995. Of course the date of the magazine, June 5, can be written 5/6, or 6/5, numbers that connect to the coronavirus pandemic, and he and his wife.

Recall, Bill and Melinda were married 65-days after Bill’s 38th birthday (Pandemic = 38 / 65) and the coronavirus outbreak simulation, Event 201, took place on Melinda’s 65th day of her age, and the outcome of the simulation was that 65 million would die after 18 months.

June 5 is the 156th day of the year. *Thirty-Three = 156

*Bill Gates = 33 / 156 (He was CEO of Microsoft for 33-years)

Now notice the title of the cover, ‘Master of the Universe’.

The Event 201 simulation and the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded while the United States of America is 243-years-old. It makes one wonder if Bill Gates is a CIA asset.

For one last point, the magazine released on a date with 125 numerology, connecting to ‘Microsoft’ as well as ‘numerology’.

Adding to the numerology bit, the article released 145-days before Bill Gates’ 40th birthday.