Bollywood actor and Slumdog Millionaire & Life of Pi star Irrfan Khan dead at 53, April 29, 2020

Celebrity Murder by Numbers

This Bollywood death comes on the 120th day of the year.

Illuminati = 120 / 150 (Mention of 150 films below)

The Life of Pi actor is dead at 53, on the 53 date numerology.

4/29/20 = 4+29+20 = 53

This matters because 53 is the 16th prime and Pi equates to 16 in gematria, as well as 29.  Of course he is dead on the 29th.

The film Slumdog Millionaire, the biggest film to come out of Bollywood in terms of U.S. recognition, released on a date with 53 numerology, January 23, 2009, in India.

1/23/2009 = 1+23+20+09 = 53

The film released on 1/23, like 123, and is 120 minutes long.

His actor name, Irrfan Khan, sums to 62 and 170, like sacrifice, and he died on a date with 73 numerology, another value equating with ‘sacrifice’.

4/29/2020 = 4+29+20+20 = 73

His last film was  ‘Angrezi Medium’, summing to 73.

The date of his passing has 37-date numerology as well.

4/29/2020 = 4+29+(2+0+2+0) = 37

He is dead 113-days after his birthday, or 3-months and 22-days (322).

*Scottish = 113

*113, the number of deception

He has died in his 113th week this since the health problem was admitted, March 6, 2018.

3/6/2018 = 3+6+20+18 = 47

He is dead 47-days after the release of his last film.

277 lodges?  277 is the 59th prime.

For one last point, Slumdog Millionaire is set in Mumbai, India, summing to 201, and reminding of Event 201, the pandemic outbreak simulation, co-hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the same organization that was kicked out of India for giving out contaminated vaccinations.  No doubt that was Bill Gates doing a “good job with vaccines”, aiming at population control.

And speaking of 201, don’t forget that Life of Pi has much to do with a Tiger, another thing being coded all over the coronavirus agenda.

Him dying at 53 equates with COVID-19.

And the fact that he starred in Inferno, along with Tom Hanks, the movie that is 2:01 in length, and about a billionaire who wants to depopulate the world, which released on Bill Gates’ birthday, is also crucial.

The name of his character in that film is Harry Sims, summing to 113.

The coronavirus pandemic was declared March 11, or 11/3 like 113

Of course, Tom Hanks came down with the virus in the headlines on March 11, the date the pandemic was declared (11/3 or 113).

Also, don’t forget the hit song that went with Slumdog Millionaire was MIA’s Paper Planes, which had lyrics referencing Skull and Bones. This matters because Johns Hopkins, another co-sponsor of Event 201, was founded by a Skull and Bones member.