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Recall the death of Chadwick Boseman at age 43.

On the day of his death, the Dodgers lost in Arlington, in the same ballpark they just advanced to the World Series in. Notice the Dodgers picked up their 52nd win today, a span of 52 days from Boseman’s death.

Of course the Lakers won 52 games in the regular season, and in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, they scored 116 points. Now the Dodgers are in the 116th World Series.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Notice the 1:16 post time, one day after the death was revealed on 10/16, not unlike 116, and just days before the start of the 116th World Series.

The news of the death, Friday, October 16, was 131 days after Fetty Wap’s birthday, connecting to his birth name, Willie Junior Maxwell II.


*Trap Queen = 117 (News released on 10/17)

The song Trap Queen originally released April 22, 2014, the 112th day of the year.

17, 38.

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

Fred Dead is dead at age 68, supposedly from coronavirus, which was coined in 1968… Keep in mind he died October 14, 2020, the 44 / 64 date.

10/14/20 = 10+14+20 = 44 *Kill = 44

10/14/2020 = 10+14+20+20 = 64 *Kill = 64

Keep in mind he has died before the Sunday games, which will fall on October 18, 2020, a date with 68 numerology, and the day leaving 74 days in the year. Of course, Dean wore #74 for the 49ers.

10/18/2020 = 10+18+20+20 = 68 *San Francisco = 68

If the 49ers lose to the Rams, they will also pick up their 68th loss vs. the Rams.


He died 233 days after his birthday, the 51st prime, or 13th tri. number.

NFL = 13

Year of 51st Super Bowl of the modern era

He died a span of 133 days from his upcoming birthday. *Football = 133

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Saint Dog of the Kottonmouth Kings, born Steven Thronson, is dead at 44, on month’s lone 44 / 64 date, October 14, 2020.

10/14/2020 = 10+14+20+20 = 64

10/14/20 = 10+14+20 = 44

*10/14/2020 = 10+14+(2+0+2+0) = 28

Dying on 14th fits with ‘death’ as well.

And whoever chose to spell Kottonmouth with a ‘k’ needs to be questioned. My guess is it was someone who offered them their record deal.

Remember, the song murder by numbers released in ’83.

And keep in mind, to be a ‘Saint’, you have to be dead. It’s a Catholic rule.

12:10 AM? *Blood Sacrifice = 121


Celebrity Murder by Numbers News

This comes days after the reported passing of Eddie Van Halen, who starred in ‘Two and a Half Men’.

The word ‘murder’ also connects to 79.

And recall how Van Halen had the album 1984…

And recall how Van Halen was signed in ’77 by Warner Brothers…


She is dead 199 days after her birthday, the 46th prime.

Sacrifice = 46

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When Kobe Bryant won his 4th Championship, against the Orlando Magic, it was 61 days before Magic Johnson’s birthday.

When LeBron James won his 4th ring, he did it in Orlando, the home of the Magic, while Magic Johnson was 61 years old, and 58 days after his birthday, winning on Father Daughter Day, in the year of the death of Kobe and Gianna Bryant.

The Lakers won the Finals October 11, 2020, a date with 61 numerology.

10/11/2020 = 10+11+20+20 = 61

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Joe Morgan died on the first day of the ALCS, the day Houston lost to Tampa Bay, October 11, 2020.

Houston = 77 *Joe Leonard Morgan = 77

Joe Morgan started with Houston in ’63, 57 years ago.

World Series = 57

Notice his birthday is the same day at George Springer’s, September 19, meaning he died 22 days after his 77th birthday.


Notice how the story pays tribute to 77 and 57 (5’7″).


38 years ago, he beat the Dodgers with the Giants with a home run.

Giants = 38 *Death = 38


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This was the stat that scared me last night, the possibility of the Lakers falling to 4-1 in the Kobe Bryant “Black Mamba” jerseys (which they did). Of course the Lakers have advanced 4-1 over Portland, 4-1 over Houston, and 4-1 over Denver, and had a chance to closeout the Heat 4-1 in the NBA Finals… and pick up their 41st win vs. the Heat all-time.

Notice the Lakers debuted the jerseys on January 26, 2018, two years to the day of Kobe Bryant’s supposed death. *Bryant = 26

ALSO, Game 6 is National Father Daughter Day.

It’s a date with 41 numerology. Kobe died at 41, and his daughter at 13. Of course 41 is the 13th prime.

10/11/2020 = 10+11+20+20 = 61 *Finals = 61

10/11/20 = 10+11+20 = 41

Game 6 is on LeBron’s 41st week of his age.

It’s also the day leaving 81 days in the year.

From Kobe’s death, on the 37 year anniversary of Bear Bryant, to the game, is 37-weeks later, Sunday to Sunday.

Black Lives Matter = 259 *Roman Catholicism = 259

Recall, Kobe Bryant died on his 157th day of his age, the 37th prime.

And here’s something amazing about the name ‘Father-Daughter Day’.

LeBron’s next playoff win is his 172nd. His next loss is 89.

Bryant = 82

King James = 89; Los Angeles, California = 89

Oh, and Father Daughter Day is on LeBron’s 287th day of his age.

Lakers would win the series 4-2.


Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

The man born Edward Charles Ford is dead October 9, the day leaving 83 days in the year, the day we warned about this past weekend, along with October 6, the day Van Halen died.

October 9, 2020, because its a leap year, is also the 283rd day of the year.

283, 61st prime *Whitey Ford = 61

61, the 18th prime; Roger Maris’ 61 HRs in ’61


A member of the Yankees, dead on 10/9, the same day they are playing to make it to the ALCS, yet again?

His name gematria is as follows:

Whitey Ford is dead on the day leaving 83 days in the year. *Murder = 83

Whitey Ford is dead on the 283rd day of the year (61st prime).

*61, 18th prime *Baseball = 18

*137, 33rd prime *New York = 33

Whitey Ford stats: https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/f/fordwh01.shtml

Black Lives Matter Murder by Numbers News

Notice that Hashim Nzinga died at age 58. Of course the Black Panther Party was established by Huey P. Newton, in Oakland.

Huey P. Newton = 58 *Oakland = 58

The BPP was established in ’66 (1966).

Hashim Nzinga = 66


The news broke 10/1.

Panthers = 101 / 38

He died on September 9, 2020, a date with 38 and 58 numerology.

9/9/20 = 9+9+20 = 38 *Death = 38

9/9/2020 = 9+9+20+20 = 58 *Huey P. Newton = 58 *Oakland = 58

Again, he died at age 58.

Think of the Cam Newton 58 ritual in Super Bowl 50, on the 38th day of the year. Also he died 47 days after his birthday, like how the BPP were founded in ’66, the 47th season of the NFL… and this year is the 101st NFL season.