Bill and Melinda Gates use their daughter as a coronavirus vaccine prop, February 12, 2021, by the Jesuit Order numbers (The very Satanic connection)

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Get that, Bill Gates supposedly got the vaccine on Friday January 22, or 1/22, and his daughter supposedly got it on Friday, February 12, or 12/2, like 122. Of course Seattle is on the 122nd Meridian West.

Read about Bill Gates January 22, 2021 vaccine by the numbers here.

Keep in mind this ritual came 107 days after his Gates’ 65th birthday.

Building on the Seattle connection, and keeping in mind that Bill Gates declared his Decade of Vaccines out of Davos, Switzerland on January 29, 2010, notice how the date February 12, or 2/12 fits in (like 212).

2/12… 212…

And for more evidence of who runs the show, notice how Jennifer K. Gates equates to 144, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

Jennifer K. Gates = 63 *Jesuit Order = 54/63 *John Carroll = 54/63
*Friday = 63

Adding to the Jesuit connection, from the Jesuit’s birthday, which is also Melinda Gates’ birthday, to the vaccine, was 181 days later, the 42nd prime.

181, 42nd prime number

And notice how ‘daughter’ fits in.

The news also breaks February 14, 2021, exactly 42 weeks after Jennifer’s brithday.

And don’t forget Washington is the 42nd state, or the connection between ‘forty-two’ and ‘coronavirus’, both equating to 142, like the date, 14/2.

14/2… 142… the NBA season suspended on his 142nd day, then resuming 142 days later, kind of like how NASCAR returned from coronavirus on the 142nd day of the year, along with 142 other coronavirus rituals… literally.

Posted at the 44th minute of the day. *Seattle = 44

She even got the vaccine on her 293rd day of her age.

And all the news of this was saved for today, February 14, Valentine’s Day, exactly 42 weeks after her birthday.

And for people who don’t grasp gematria, have a listen to this song. It explains all about Bill Gates’ face.

Can you dig it?
Smiling Faces = 54 / 72 *Jesuit Order = 54 / 72

For one last point, Gates was born in ’55, the year the polio vaccine was stopped because it was KILLING people, and this vaccine was given to his daughter on a date with 55 numerology, as well as 35.

And again, it was given on 12/2, like 122…

And notice the Church of Satan was established in 122 land, on the 122nd Meridian West, San Francisco, another Jesuit stronghold, like Seattle.

And notice how Church of Satan sums to 56 and 70, the same as ‘coronavirus’ and ‘Covid vaccine’.

Smiling faces…

Keep in mind both Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are Jesuit scum, and business partners.

And with regards to another satanic scumbag, let us not forget when Sanjay Gupta got his coronavirus vaccine 56 days after his birthday, on the 70 date numerology, December 18, 2020. Read about 56 year old Kamala Harris receiving the vaccine 70 days after her birthday.

Mithra, Jesus, Sacred Geometry & Gematria | All roads lead to Rome

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Jordan Maxwell often argues that Christianity is Mithraism rebranded by the Roman Catholic Church, and both are cults, worshiping the sun, whether they realize it or not — which makes a lot of sense when you realize that Christians worship on SUNday.

And when you learn Gematria, it becomes all the more clear.

Keep in mind the sun is said to be 93 million miles away. And with regards to Christianity, Jesus is crucified between 9 AM and 3 PM in the Bible, and beyond that, the 930th chapter of the Bible is where the Christian section begins, and the story of Jesus, with Matthew 1:1.

For another point, science has claimed in recent years that Jesus date of crucifixion is April 3, the 93rd day of the Gregorian Calendar year, a calendar given to us by the Catholic Church.

Beyond that, notice the overlap with Mithraism and Christian.

Keep in mind the number 61 is related to God in Sacred Geometry, where the Flower of Life is made out of 61 overlapping circles.

As for ‘Christmas’, the birthday of ‘Jesus’, it is also the birthday of ‘Mithra’, and the sun…

And as they say, all roads lead to Rome, where Mithraism was its predominant religion prior to the Roman Catholic Church.

And the cipher that pays tribute to the language of Rome, Latin, has the word ‘God’ equating to 61 as well…

Flower of Life

ESPN jokes that Tom Brady will win his 30th Super Bowl at age 74, February 10, 2021

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What a joke! At age 74, he wins his 30th Super Bowl and 26th MVP. Do you get it?

74 is the Jesus number.

And for a bit more on the relevance of 74.

Jesus ministry began at age 30.

And Jesus is believed to be God in the flesh, going with the 26th MVP.

And don’t forget when Brady angered Christians with this quote, comparing himself to Jesus.

For one last point, this joke was made on February 10, 2021, the 41st day of the year, and it isn’t hard to see why.

The Saturn-Satan tribute at Super Bowl 55 starring The Weeknd & “The GOAT”

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Super Bowl ONE (Packers 35, Chiefs 10)

Super Bowl FOUR (Chiefs 23, Vikings = 7)

Super Bowl FIFTY FOUR (Chiefs 31, 49ers 20)

Super Bowl FIFTY FIVE (Bucs 31, Chiefs 9)

The Chiefs have scored 73 points in Super Bowls.
*10+23+31+9 = 73

73, 21st prime *Saturn = 21

The Chiefs have had 93 points scored against them in Super Bowls.
*35+7+20+31 = 93

Saturn = 93

2021 Super Bowl… emphasis on ’21

Keep in mind Saturn is Satan to the occult, and this ritual was completed in Super Bowl 55.

Read about The Weeknd’s halftime ‘fallen angel’ routine at Super Bowl 55.

And for the clincher, Saturn has 7 rings, like Brady.

Vedic Mythology Played Out in American Politics and Sports

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Goddess Maa Durga vanquishes buffalo demon Mahishasura

News events are in many cases advertising campaigns and in other cases esoteric rituals at an occulted level. In some cases they are both, as is the case with the Kamala Harris Vice Presidential inauguration which I discussed in my previous article Holy Mother of Pearl! Kamala Harris the Earth Goddess and the Material World.

Washington D.C. was founded and designed on esoteric principles primarily based on the divine/sacred feminine and the goddess. COLUMBIA is the patron goddess of the United States of America after which its capital is named. The name COLUMBIA is derived from the ancient Roman goddess VENUS COLUMBA.

With this heavy emphasis on the goddess, a female president of the United States is the culmination of a centuries long epic ritual. At this point Kamala Devi Harris as the first female President of the United States of America is a virtual certainty, and some of the more visible surface-level necessary ritual criteria have been met, such as with her middle name Devi which literally means “goddess.” Her first name Kamala is another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Last October controversy was raised when Harris’ niece Meena Harris sent out a tweet at the beginning of the Hindu festival of Navaratri in which she depicted Kamala Harris as another Hindu goddess Maa Durga. This included Donald Trump and Joe Biden as other Hindu figures.

Donald Trump is the Buffalo demon MAHISHASURA.

Joe Biden is the lion vehicle of the goddess Maa Durga, known as a VAHANA.

Only those familiar with gematria can fully appreciate the richness of these metaphors most likely made by real adepts in the mysteries rather than Meena Harris herself.


71 is the central Kamala Harris number. 71 is the goddess number: “SACRED FEMININE” sums to 71. Venus in Hebrew is ‘NOGA” which sums to 71. “KAMALA DEVI HARRIS” sums to 71.

“FEMALE PRESIDENT” sums to 71.

Despite being portrayed to the public as a bitter rival of Kamala Harris Donald Trump — who financially supported and endorsed Kamala Harris when she was San Fransisco District Attorney running for California Attorney General — adheres to the 71 code when he makes headline comments about Harris and women in general.

When Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate on August 11th, 2020 Trump tweeted that Harris was “RADICAL LEFT.”

“Radical left” sums to 71.

trump’s most famous quote of all is when he said that because he is famous women let him grab their genitals. As he put it: they let him “GRAB ‘EM BY THE PUSSY.” which sums to 71.

Even the female Republican Trump campaign organization is named by the numbers: “WOMEN FOR TRUMP” sums to 71.

In the esoteric Vedic-themed tweet by Meena Harris Donald Trump is the Buffalo Demon MAHISHASURA.

“MAHISHASURA” sums to 71; again in the context of Trump’s association with a female.

“MAHISHASURA” also sums to 118. The date 11-8, August 11th is the date that Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s Vice presidential running mate and Trump participated in the ritual by tweeting “RADICAL LEFT.”

“MAHISHASURA” is also 46. Joe Biden is the 46th U.S. President.

Joe Biden is the Lion VAHANA (vehicle) of the goddess Maa Durga. “VAHANA” sums to 20 in gematria. The 20th prime number is 71.

Joe Biden is also a parallel with the fictional 46th President of the United States who has the first female as a Vice President: Frank Underwood of the hit political thriller streaming television/predictive program House of Cards.

The female Vice President becomes the first female President when Frank Underwood is unable to complete his term.

Gematria reveals why Joe Biden was made to be a VAHANA of the goddess:

“VAHANA” sums to 115, like the date 11-5; November 5th which is the birthday of Frank Underwood who is a metaphor for Joe Biden.


The last time a real-life U.S. Vice President was sworn in after the president died in office was on November 22nd, 1963 when Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in at 2:38 in the afternoon on Air Force One.

Again, only gematria can reveal the Joe Biden Vahana ritual:

“VAHANA VEHICLE OF THE GODDESS” sums to 238, like 2:38 the time that the U.S. Vice President was sworn in as President.

“VAHANA VEHICLE OF THE GODDESS” also sums to 112. “Kamala Harris” also sums to 112. The most recent female vice presidential running mate was Sarah Palin who was born pn 11-2, 11th February.

238 – the time that the VP was sworn in as President – has further significance in that the date 23-8, 23rd August is the birthday of the father of Kamala Harris, Donald J Harris. Yes, Kamala Harris’ father is “DONALD J.”

The goddess or female figure riding the lion or accompanied by the lion, is common in multiple mystery traditions besides the Hindu version of Maa Durga and the lion Vahana.


A few examples are: the Greco-Roman Cybele depicted with lions. Cybele is an Earth goddess who is compared to the roman Ops and the Greek Rhea.

In the tarot tradition the Major Arcana trump card “STRENGTH” features the maiden subduing the lion.

This image was seen at Super Bowl XLIX (49); Kamala Harris is the 49th U.S. Vice President. Headline entertainer for that Super Bowl was Katy Perry who played the role of the maiden/goddess riding the lion.

The reason that female symbols are attached to lions in so many traditions, has to do with astrology:

The constellations — and hence the zodiac signs — of Leo and Virgo are contiguous. Leo is followed immediately by Virgo.

The lion is the symbol for the zodiac sign of LEO.

The Greco-Roman Cybele/Rhea/Ops is the symbol for the zodiac sign of Virgo.

This astrological/mythological ritual theme is being played out in 2021’s Super Bowl LV (55) where the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Chiefs starting Quarter Back Patrick Mahomes is a VIRGO.

The Buccaneers starting Quarter Back Tom Brady is a LEO.

There has been deeper alignment with Hindu mythology: Goddess Maa Durga (who would be Cybele/Rhea/Ops/Virgo) in the form of Virgo Pat Mahomes, defeated the buffalo demon MAHISHASURA when the Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in the AFC conference championship.

The male buffalo is a bull, the symbol for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Buffalo Bills starting Quarter Back Josh Allen is a Taurus. He was born in a leap year. In a leap year May 21st is under Taurus.

Religious leader Robert Jeffress calls the coronavirus vaccine a “present from God”

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It’s not hard to see why this religious clown called the ‘coronavirus vaccine’ a gift from God. Notice how his name ‘Robert Jeffress’ overlaps, 212 and 86.

And they’re mixing in the anti-abortion piece, because this vaccine will likely have much to do with human fertility.

Coronavirus = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 *Fertility = 56

K.C. Jones, Boston Celtics star, dead at 88 on Christmas Day, December 25, 2020

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This news comes Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, a date with 77 numerology. And notice, he wore #25.

12/25/2020 = 12+25+20+20 = 77

They like the number 77 in Boston.

He is dead exactly 7 months after his birthday, May 25…

Notice how they mention his 7.4 points, and his height, 6’1″. That’s a tribute to Jesus, because he is dead on Jesus birthday…

And in light of him dying at 88, remember, Jesus was from Judea, and said to be ‘Jewish’… and his description should leave one to think he was black.

Furthermore, he coached the Celtics until ’88.

He was 57-25 that season… and ended up dying on the 25th, on a date with 57 numerology.

12/25/20 = 12+25+20 = 57

Nashville explosion on Christmas Day, December 25, 2020, is a tribute to 9/11 & Jesus true birthday

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The mockery. Notice they give you the address, 166, and at the AT&T Building. Recall, in 1968, AT&T made 9-1-1 the national emergency dialing code, and World Trade Center construction began, buildings that were known as the ‘Twin Towers’.

Of course, September 11, 2001 was New Year’s Day on the Christian Coptic Calendar, and many contend that is Jesus true birthday, which actually makes a lot more sense than Christmas, because based on what is revealed about the clues of Jesus’ birthday, it is in the summer.

As for why Nashville was chosen for this ritual, gematria tells the tale. Recall, they say the 9/11 attack lasted “102 minutes.”

*al-Qaeda = 102 *Art of War = 102 *World War = 102

And let us not forget that the World Trade Centers were 110 stories tall.

Furthermore, Nashville equates with New York, both summing to 39/

You know the New York 39 list… right?

And today has 77 date numerology.

12/25/2020 = 12+25+20+20 = 77

*Christ = 77

As for who is responsible, it is the Jesuit Order, aka the Society of Jesus, which is only fitting on Christmas Day.

This explosion also comes a span of 144 days from the Beirut blast of August 4, which was a HUGE Jesuit ritual, as we covered then.

*Today is 43 days after Arturo Sosa’s birthday, or his 44th day of his age.

-Jesus Christ = 43 *Military = 44 (He is the military leader of the Jesuits)

Keep in mind June 21, the date of the warning, is typically the 172nd day of the year.

Not by chance, this explosion comes 172 days after George W. Bush’s 74th birthday, who was the president when 9/11 happened. And let us not forget that the WTCs were on the 74th Meridian West, or the number’s connection to Jesus.

And again, he is 74.

Keep in mind, today is a ‘holiday’ (and so was 9/11).

And for a little ‘Christmas’ gematria, here you go.

World Trade Centers were 110 stories tall *Rockefeller 110

Death = 38 *Murder= 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38

Government = 133 *Authority = 133 *Oklahoma City = 133

*Terrorist = 61 *Christian = 61 *Church = 61 *Jesus = 61 *Cross = 61