Chet Hanks responds to “conspiracy theories” made about his parents regarding coronavirus headlines, March 20, 2020, the 80th day of the year

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His response is here.

It is funny he chose to do this March 20, 2020, the 80th day of the year. He is responding to online videos asserting conspiracies about his family being part of the New World Order.

This comes just days after his March 12 video, which was published 221-days after his birthday. *The Bavarian Illuminati = 221

In light of the things we have uncovered, it is only fair to question. Read here: and here:

This was his 206th post on Instagram, reminding that his dad starred in Sleepless in Seattle (read more here: and Seattle is the (206) area code, and his dad played Robert Langdon, chasing the Illuminati in The Da Vinci Code.