Chris Doleman, NFL Hall of Fame Defensive End, dead at 58, January 28, 2020 +Nick Bosa parallel

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Chris Doleman is dead at 58.  Keep in mind, 58 was a big part of the Kobe death ritual.

Doleman played for Minnesota, Atlanta and San Francisco.  Of course, the San Francisco 49ers will play in Super Bowl 54 on February 2, 2020, a team with 5 Super Bowl wins, 5-days after his passing.

Doleman died January 28, 2020.

1/28/20 = 1+28+20 = 49

Freemasonry = 58; Rosicrucian = 58; Secret Society = 58

This is synced with the 22nd birthday of 49ers Defensive End Nick Bosa, #97, who has been one of the NFL’s biggest stories all season.

Sick stuff.

Keep in mind this is the 49ers 74th season.

This is Super Bowl 54, but it is 52-years since the name Super Bowl was first used.

Doleman died on the 28th.

He was born October 16, 1961, and died January 28, 2020.

He died 104-days after his birthday, or a span of 105-days (15-weeks).

*49ers = 15

*Mahomes, #15

Notice he was born in ’61, on the 16th day of October.

*S.F. is 1.6.

This is the Joe Montana (#16) Super Bowl.  *Joe Montana = 54

If the 49ers won, they would be 6-1 in Super Bowls.

And for one last point…

*Forty-Niners = 163 (38th prime)

*Minnesota = 38; Death = 38