CNN writes 76% of Americans have never heard of QAnon, April 1, 2020 (An obvious joke)


Don’t forget how ‘conspiracy’ and ‘April Fools’ overlap.

In that light, how interesting that CNN runs a story on QAnon on April Fools Day, the absurd conspiracy theory clan, during the time of the ongoing Event 201, or I mean coronavirus simulation.  Read about the psyop that is Q and its role in the coronavirus pandemic by the numbers:

As for Q being a pro-Trump movement, and the CNN stat of 76% of people not knowing about Q, it is easy to see which asscrack they pulled it from.

The two names interviewed both equate to 68, and you’ll see in the video, Timothy was hung up on the CIA in media.

Notice the woman’s name also sums to 76, like the percentage at the top.

And notice the name Detar is nearly an anagram for retard.

If you watch the video, you’ll see it is from two years ago.