CNN’s April Fools’ joke, April 1, 2020, is “Masks”

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Masks appear to be the media’s first April Fool’s joke of April 1, 2020.  Notice, today has 9 date numerology.  4/1/2020 = 4+1+2+0+2+0 = 9

For the last two weeks, “authorities” in the media have been saying that masks are unnecessary, and all we need to do is wash hands and not touch our face.  CNN had a top story on just this subject yesterday, March 31.  Then 24 hours later, “maybe we should all be wearing masks”.  Of course, this is what the media always does, cause confusion and spread fear.  It is a weapon against the people and only the blind don’t know this fact with 20/20 vision in 2020.

Fox News has this headline for April 1? 240k? Kobe?

They’re reporting on April 1, that deaths have topped 4k, and this milestone was reached late last night, March 31, 2020.

The latest headline update blames the uninfected.