Colby Cave’s April 6 brain bleed & April 11, 2020 death | NHL’s 102nd playing season sacrifice

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Dead at 25?  Again?  The model and rapper Chynna died earlier this week at the same age.

Read about Chynna’s “very 25” death here:

You’ll read that this began April 9, which was the 97th day of 2020.  That was the day you read about the dead Kennedys, after a ‘canoe’ accident, who were found in 25 feet of water.

This began April 6, or 4/6, like 46.  *Sacrifice = 46 *Execution = 46

Notice he had played in 67 NHL games.

67 connects to ‘hockey’, but it also connects to ‘satanic’, which these ‘blood sacrifice’ rituals are.

Adding to the satanic theme, he died on a date with 35 and 55 numerology.

4/11/2020 = 4+11+20+20 = 55

4/11/20 = 4+11+20 = 35

He is dead April 11, 2020, the 102nd day of the leap year.  

This NHL season was supposed to finish with its 102nd Stanley Cup.

Recall the death of Bill Bidwell earlier this season, October 2, 1999, opening day of the NHL season, written 10/2, like 102.  He was the owner of the Arizona Coyotes and Arizona Cardinals.

Read about his death on the opening day of the NHL season, here:

His name ‘Colby Cave’ and its gematria made him right for a major NHL ritual.

Colby Cave played in 11 games this season. 11, the “master number”.

*Colby Cave = 155 *Coronavirus = 155

*Edmonton Oilers = 70 *Coronavirus = 70