College Hoops & March Madness Notes | Kansas & Louisville, March 7, 2020


These games were played March 7, 2020.

We’re keeping our eyes on the ongoing rituals between Kansas and Louisville.

Recall, last year Virginia beat Texas Tech in the championship.  Today, Virginia won, and Texas Tech lost.  But more importantly, Texas Tech lost to Kansas, and Virginia beat Louisville.

*66, 11th triangular number *Kansas = 11

*Recall the February 12, 2020 games with Kansas and Louisville, on a 54 date numerology, 54-days before the championship.  Louisville lost with 54 today, and on that prior date, Kansas won, and Louisville lost.  Revisit those notes for the rest of the riddle, which relates to Super Bowl 54. And let us not forget, Trump congratulated “Kansas” after Super Bowl 54.

*Virginia won with 57.  *Fifty-Seven = 131 *Championship = 131

Louisville’s coach, Chris Mack, picked up his 118th loss as well.

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