Coronavirus and oil market causes DowJones to have biggest one day point drop in history, March 9, 2020 +Italy on lockdown, politicians & toilet paper

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The DowJones, in New York, had a record point drop today, March 9, 2020, emphasis on 3/9.

You’ll notice the feds gave out advice today to help contribute to the purposeful house of cards, which is the U.S. economy, lead by Humpty Dumpty, the Apprentice, Donald Trump.

Notice the date of the last major point drop, October 15, 2008.

10/15/08 = 10+15+08 = 33

The clearest parallel between October 15, 2008, and January 20, 2020, is that they’re both dates that fell in the final year of a presidential term for the United States, and both presidents were Republicans (and seemingly retarded).  Also, both men were failed businessmen, born with silver spoons in their mouth.

Notice, it came 11-days after the prior record.

Recall the relationship with ‘Italy’ and ‘Wuhan’.

Italy also has the Prime Minister with the right name for the coronavirus pandemic, ‘Giuseppe Conte’.

Read about the Pope (in Italy) and Event 201:

You’ll notice their reasoning doesn’t include how the media created the panic on Friday, which is when stores began to sellout world wide.  They also didn’t cover how ‘toilet paper’ and ‘coronavirus’ have the same gematria, thus the reason for the pysop.  Read more about coronavirus and toilet paper here: