Coronavirus deaths surpass 65,000 in United States, May 2, 2020 headline news

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65,000, an important milestone, seeing as how the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation of October 18, 2019, on Melinda Gates 65th day of her age, said 65-million would die.

Of course, Bill and Melinda, who co-hosted Event 201, were married 65-days after Bill’s birthday, and they also helped bring about the trial vaccine for coronavirus in a record 65-days.  It’s probably no accident that this news comes May 2, or 5/2, like 52-days after the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020.

Over 3.3-million?  *Bill Gates = 33 *Corona = 33

The 65,068 deaths is funny, because the name coronavirus was coined in 1968, emphasis on ’68.

*Wuhan = 68

This news also comes 102-days after the first case was confirmed in the United States, and don’t forget the United States became the leader in coronavirus deaths on the 102nd day of the year.