Damian Lillard’s rap beef with Shaq involving Kobe Bryant, October 1, 2019 news

Murder by Numbers Sports

Notice this news broke October 1, or 10/1, like 101, the 26th prime.

Philadelphia = 101

101, 26th prime

Bryant = 26 

Of course, Kobe, from Philly, died on the 26th of January, the same day Bear Bryant died in history, and his helicopter reportedly crashed by Highway 101.


From this October 1, 2019 story, to Kobe’s January 26, 2020 death, was a span of 118-days.

We know 118 is a number that connects to Los Angeles, as well as ‘death’.

And don’t forget Lillard was the top scorer when the Blazers beat the Lakers in the Remembering Kobe game, January 31, 2020, in Los Angeles. He also has that July 15, or 15/7 birthday, reminding that Kobe Bryant sums to 157, and died on his 157th day of his age.