Danny Tidwell of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, dead at 35, March 6, 2020 news +The LeBron James parallel

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This man died 218-days after his birthday.

Notice, he had fateful name gematria, summing to 86.  Keep in mind, the news of his death is coming one day after his passing, on the 67th day of the year.

I have no doubt that this sacrifice was for LeBron James, coming 67-days after his 35th birthday.

Read more about LeBron James and this death coming on March 6, the 66th day of the year:  https://gematriaeffect.news/hip-hop-albums-of-march-6-2020-the-2020-nba-finals-king-von-lil-uzi-vert-megan-thee-stallion-jadakiss/

His brother ‘Travis Wall’ confirmed the death.


No cause of death?  We know why.

He was featured in the show in 2007, 13-years-ago, when he was 22.

*Basketball = 22

*The real King James became a king at 13 months of age