Big Tech Government Police State

You’ll notice, DARPA’s LifeLog, a similar concept to Facebook, concluded the same day Facebook launched.  What are the odds? 

Notice DARPA was established in ’58.

You’ll notice, the date of the “coincidence” was February 4, or 4/2, like 42.  The number connects to ‘Freemason’, as well as ‘computer’ and ‘internet’.

The name ‘LifeLog’ has the ‘masonry’ connection as well.

For another 42, think Jesuit.

Notice February 4, 2004 was 266-days after Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday, a number very specific to the Jesuits.

Read about the Jesuits and 266 here:

Zuckerberg has another ‘Jesuit’ connection, being born in ’84, and having 84 name gematria.

Notice Israel has the same birthday as Mark Zuckerberg, only in ’48 instead of ’84.

Read about the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite: