David Icke’s March 18, 2020 interview with Brian Rose of London Reel about the coronavirus / COVID-19 New World Order agenda

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At the beginning of this interview, you’ll notice Brian Rose, the host of London Real, says he BELIEVES in the official narrative and he will get the vaccine for coronavirus as soon as it is available.  Talk about an ‘agent’.  And notice, his background is a Wall Street banker.  Of course, this entire scam is by the banks, who are making HUGE PROFITS off of lending at this very moment.

Modern Freemasonry began in London, June 24, 1717 | 6+24+17 = 47

In the interview, David Icke does a half-ass job explaining what is really going on, seemingly ripping off my content, without dropping the gematria knowledge, the most important evidence behind the ongoing scam.  Of course, David Icke is Mr. ‘Reptilian’.

This interview was done March 18, 2020, David Icke’s 325th day of his age.

The motto of the Scottish Rite, is ‘order out of chaos’, which is a concept that Icke explains in the interview.  Notice how the gematria of ‘order out of chaos’ sums to 183, like the date 18/3, March 18.

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For one last point, the interview was done on Brian Rose’s 307th day of his age.

The host’s name also syncs with ‘coronavirus’, summing to 142.