Deadly tornadoes in the South cause ‘catastrophic’ damage, Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020 | Weather Warfare

Christianity Military Weather

This news comes April 12, 2020, a perfect date for a ‘natural disaster’.  It has 56 date numerology, leaves 263-days left in the year (56th prime), and in non-leap-years, is the 102nd day of the year.

4/12/2020 = 4+12+20+20 = 56

Notice the emphasis on ‘catastrophic’.  It codes 52, the signature number of weather warfare, as I wrote about in my book Letters & Numbers.

*Earth = 52 *Flood = 52 *Hurricane = 52

It also codes 74, THEE signature number.

These ‘tornadoes’ are the work of the beast system.

Don’t forget this letter written by Warren Buffet, Saturday, February 23, 2019.  The date 2/23, like 223, was no mistake.

*The Synagogue of Satan = 223 *Masonic = 223

The term ‘megacatastrophe’ is interesting…

Armageddon fits in with the ongoing Revelation theming of the outbreak.

Read about Har Megiddo and 201:

95-million people?  Remember, 666-days is 95-weeks and 1-day.

*Tornadoes = 666