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Notice, this news broke February 13, 2020, the 44th day of the year.

Notice what comes next, “the coincidence”…


Notice how the title ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ syncs with ‘virus’.

Also, ‘Dean Koontz’.

*More gematria.

Think about *Parasite, the first English subtitled Chinese film to win best picture at the Oscars at the time of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Mockery.

Moving on, the name of the strain from his book, Wuhan-400, has Gematria summing to 201.

From Koontz’s 74th birthday to Event 201, October 18, the day leaving 74-days left in the year, was 101-days, the 26th prime.

101, 26th prime.

Read about Event 201 here:

Measuring from Koontz’s birthday to patient zero, December 12, was his 157th day of his age.

From Koontz’s birthday to the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rat, was 201-days.