Disney’s Gargoyles TV show, more 9/11 predictive programming, released October 24, 1994

Entertainment History Predictive Programming


This children’s cartoon debuted October 24, 1994, emphasis on ’94.  Notice October 24 also leaves 68-days left in the year.  It matters because it begins with buildings identical to the WTCs being attacked and destroyed.  Starting with the 94, the WTCs opened on the 94th day of 1973, April 4.  And with regards to ’68, that is the year WTC construction began and 9-1-1 was made the emergency dialing code.

Don’t forget the construction firm that built the WTS is from Seattle, Washington.

After the show begins with the attack on the towers, it goes back 1,000 years in time to a battle in Scotland.  Scottish Rite Freemasonry? There’s a lot more investigating to do here.

*Keep in mind ’94 was a year after the ’93 WTC bombing.