Donovan Mitchell tests positives for Wuhan Coronavirus, March 12, 2020 +NCAA cancels March Madness

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Yesterday we discussed Rudy Gobert’s June 26, or 26/6 birthday, and the relevance of the number 266 in Kobe Bryant’s January 26th death, in light of the 266th Pope, Pope Francis.  One day later, Gobert’s star teammate, Donovan Mitchell, reportedly has been diagnosed with coronavirus, 26-weeks and 6-days into his age.

Read about Rudy Gobert’s diagnosis by the numbers here:

Recall, 266 is a number of the Jesuit Order, and Pope Francis, the first publicly Jesuit pope is the 266th pope.  It’s not an accident that the NBA fiasco took place 85-days after his birthday, nor is it an accident that Kobe Bryant died at age 41, on the 41st day of the Pope’s age.

Read more about 266 and the Jesuits here:

85 connects to ‘basketball’.

March 11 was the 71st day of 2020, a leap year.

The first March Madness was in ’85.  Of course, March Madness cancelled all fans attending 85-days after the Pope’s birthday, and then 86’d all games the next day.

The March Madness Championship was scheduled for Atlanta, the home of the CDC, established July 1 in history, or 7/1.

Last, let’s connect the gematria between all related items.