DowJones falls 1,911 points February 24 and 25, as WHO declares global pandemic on the horizon | A tribute to the Great Manchurian Plague of 1910-1911

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Get that, “The Great Manchurian Plague” of 1910 and 1911 ended up creating projects such as the World Health Organization, which this year, on February 25, the 56th day of the year (Coronavirus= 56), told the world to prepare for pandemic.  That was also the second day of falling stocks, where after February 24 and 25, the DowJones had fallen 1911 total points.

Don’t forget, WHO, the acronym for the World Health Organization, has gematria of 46, like ‘chaos’ and ‘virus’.  This is the agenda, order out of chaos.  And it is a Masonic agenda. Speaking of the masons, the number of the Scottish Rite, is 113.

Read more about WHO’s February 25 warning here:

And let us not forget that Walter Reed, which studies infectious disease, was established in 1909, two years before “The Great Manchurian Plague”, on 113 acres…

For another big “113” event in history, involving Walter Reed, look no further than the JFK assassination and autopsy.

The Scottish Rite have their fingerprints all over Walter Reed, which of course is located in Washington D.C., named after the 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, George Washington.

Now factor that in with 1911.

The masonic motto is ‘order out of chaos’.

Walter Reed’s research on infectious disease goes back to 1893.

And for one last point, the Manchurian plague was blamed on Marmots.

And in light of the snake logo, don’t forget how Kobe Bryant, the “Black Mamba”, now buried in Corona del Mar, has become a part of this.

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