Elements of a Mercury Ritual: The JUPITER DETRIMENT

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Before the Corona virus out-break the biggest world-wide shockwave was provided by the announcement of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Another relatively recent world-wide shockwave was provided by the events of September 11th, 2001.

I have been mentioning that esoteric analysis reveals that a common thread between those events is MERCURY; the planet and Roman deity (HERMES to the Greek).

In the zodiac each sign has a ruling planet. The planet MERCURY rules the signs of VIRGO and GEMINI.

The symbol for GEMINI is TWINS. The symbol for VIRGO is a MAIDEN

Under VIRGO, September 11th date is ruled by MERCURY.

The World Trade Center Twin Towers are a giant GEMINI symbol and – by extension – a MERCURY symbol.

The deity and planet MERCURY rule over the realm of TRANSPORTATION.

Above: a spectacular 1,500 ton sculpture of the deity HERMES/MERCURY at the world’s most famous transportation hub, New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. The name of the art-work is Transportation.

For this reason AIRPLANES were the ritual weapon-of-choice in the Mercurian 911 ritual.


41 was one of the key Gematria and numerology numbers coded into the 911 ritual. This is because the 911 ritual was at its core a MERCURY ritual.

Airplanes are a Mercury reference (transportation) and have 41 Gematria as does MERCURY.

September 11th, 2001 has 41 numerology.

In Gematria USA, Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda, terror all sum to 41.

The Pentagon was part of the 911 grand ritual. Its construction started on September 11th – a VIRGO – date in the year ’41 the “MERCURY” value.

KOBE BRYANT and the Destruction-of-Mercury Ritual

Kobe Bryant born August 23rd, is a VIRGO and thus represents MERCURY.

Kobe Bryant’s death age of 41 was chosen because 41 is the Gematria value of MERCURY.

His name also has 41 Gematria.

41 has been encoded much more extensively into Kobe Bryant’s life and career, essentially prepping him for the role of MERCURY in the grand ritual to come.

Because MERCURY rules the realm of travelers and transportation, a HELICOPTER was involved in the ritual.

MERCURY’s relation to travelers and transportation was weaved into the Kobe Bryant death-narrative even prior to the helicopter crash when he was reported to have directed traffic and aided victims of a traffic accident on December 13th, 2019.

Kobe Bryant in a Christ-like sacrificial pose at the accident scene.

Mercury god-of-transportation in mainstream popular culture:

The logo for Goodyear tires is the winged ankle of HERMES/MERCURY.

Kobe Bryant was born on AUGUST 23rd, 1978, which was a WEDNESDAY.

WEDNESDAY is Mercury Day. It becomes evident when translated into Latin and Romance languages:

MERCURII in Latin, MERCOLEDI in Italian, MIERCOLES in Spanish, MERCEDI in French, MIERCURI in Romanian.


To the right of the issuing date of February 10th, the 41st day-of-the-year, is a CADUCEUS.

From Wikipedia’s definition of the caduceus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caduceus

This is a conspicuous literal stamp on the Kobe Bryant-as-Mercury sacrifice ritual.

In astrology a sign and planet are said to be in detriment when they are in the sign that is directly opposite them on the zodiacal wheel.

A planet is said to be at minimum strength when in the house directly opposing it on the zodiac wheel.

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. Directly opposite Virgo is Pisces; directly opposite Gemini is Sagittarius, as shown in the chart below.

Virgo and Gemini (MERCURY) highlighted in yellow. Pisces and Sagittarius (JUPITER)highlighted in red.

JUPITER rules both Pisces and Sagittarius.



The most vivid example of JUPITER detriment being utilized in a Mercury sacrifice ritual is GEMINI President John F Kennedy being ritually assassinated famously on November 22nd a date under Sagittarius and ruled by JUPITER.

Also TRANSPORTATION was involved as a key Mercury element.

In Bob Dylan (Gemini/Mercury)’s ode to the JFK (Gemini/Mercury) assassination Murder Most Foul, one of the songs he cryptically eludes to is Long Black Limousine by Elvis Presley.


Notice that Long Black Limousine was released on June 17th, a date under GEMINI.

Notice that GEMINI/MERCURY John F Kennedy’s son is a SAGITTARIUS/JUPITER.

A huge acknowledgement to Bobby and caseyjonesoccultastrology.wordpress.com from whom I learned the following technique, which is: measuring the time-period between dates based on the planetary years of planets other than earth.

In this case I use the orbital cycle of Jupiter, known as a JOVIAN year.

One JOVIAN YEAR – which is the time it takes the planet JUPITER to complete a full revolution around the sun – is 4,332.59 earth-days.

From John F Kennedy’s death-date to the death-date of his son named after him is 13,020 days.

Since 4,332.59 days is one Jovian year, you divide 13,020 day time-period by that number. The result is exactly 3.

John F Kennedy Jr’s July 16th, 1999 death-date was precisely on the 3rd Jovian year anniversary of his father’s assassination.

So, the death of JFK Jr. was a continuation of the Mercury-sacrifice ritual of JFK using the element of JUPITER, the detriment of Mercury.

November 22nd = Sagittarius = JUPITER

I acknowledge caseyjones occult astrology again, for this observation. Read his post here:


Kobe Bean Bryant’s initials are KBB. K = 11th letter, B = 2nd letter.

So KBB is 11-22, and an occulted November 22nd and Sagittarius/JUPITER.

Another element of his role as Mercury in the future sacrifice ritual.

The symbol for the planet Jupiter (above) looks like the number 24.

As Mercury, Kobe Bryant wearing a number that is the symbol for Mercury’s detriment, was a mark-for-death.

The orbital period of the planet Mercury is 87.9 days.

In Jewish Gematria “MERCURY” sums to 798 a numerical anagram of 87.9.

Those three digits sum to 24.

Relevant to both Jupiter and Mercury, 24 is the perfect number for a representative of Mercury in a sacrifice ritual.

  • 326 is an occulted JUPITER reference: November 22nd is a date under Sagittarius/JUPITER. The 326th day-of-the-year — in a non-leap-year like 1963 — is November 22nd.
  • Bob Dylan (GEMINI/MERCURY) uploaded his ode to the JFK assassination Murder Most Foul on 3-26; March 23rd (2020).

Again; a big acknowledgement to Casey Jones Occult Astrology who did a great post de-coding 326 and Kobe Bryant, JFK and Murder Most Foul.

This is a link to his post:


The following is from his post:

  • Kobe Bryant died at 2161 weeks of his age. 2161 is the 326th prime.
  • Catholic (like JFK) Kobe Bryant died 326 days before Pope Francis’ next birthday.

What I would add is that Kobe Bryant (Mercury)’s death is lined up with Pope Francis because Pope Francis represents the detriment of Mercury: JUPITER, since Pope Francis is a Sagittarius.

Gematria confirms his role as JUPITER

On November 22nd, 1963 Vice President Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States of America at 2:38 pm.

Kobe Bryant’s birthday of August 23rd can be stated and written 23rd August, 23-8

The Francis Bacon cipher of Gematria gives separate values (+26) to upper-case, capital letters. In Reverse Francis Bacon “BRYANT” (as it appears on his jersey) sums 238, his birthday and the time that LBJ was sworn in.

Lyndon B Johnson is best known by his initials LBJ.

LBJ – in the simplest Gematria cipher – sums to 24, like Kobe Bryant’s number; like the astrological symbol for Jupiter

Lyndon Baines Johnson is of course a VIRGO (Mercury), and thus sworn in on presidential airplane Air Force One, a mode of TRANSPORTATION (Mercury-ruled realm).

179 is the 41st prime number. 41 is the most salient MERCURY value.