Eminem releases Godzilla music video 86-days after the death of Juice WRLD, March 3, 2020 +Official video released March 9

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

Eminem released the song Eminem on his YouTube channel, Godzilla, featuing Juice WRLD, 86-days after the death of Juice WRLD.

3/3/2020 = 3+3+20+20 = 46 *Sacrifice= 46

Recall the Juice WRLD seizure challenge was big on Tik Tok when he died. It was called the ‘Lucid Dreams Challenge’.

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Speaking of symbols, one of the most common in the world is Saturn, from Nike, to cars, to video games and beyond. From Juice WRLD’s death on December 8, to the release of the finished music video, on March 9, or 9/3, was a span of 93-days.

93 also connects to Marshall Mathers, as well as Juice WRLD’s birth name.

They even made Mike Tyson part of the video.