Evidence of a Contrived Pandemic | Makeshift Seattle Army field hospital closes after not one bed used for coronavirus / COVID-19 patients

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Not a single bed used at the Seattle military hospital setup for coronavirus / COVID-19 patients?  That should tell you all need to know about this “pandemic”.  It’s almost as sad as the news out of New York.  Recall the headline of only 20 out of 1000 beds being used to treat patients at the Navy hospital ‘Comfort’, the name having gematria of 90, and belonging to the ship that arrived in NYC on the 90th day of the year.  And don’t forget the big Knights Templar red cross on that ship, same with the one on the other side of the nation, ‘Mercy’, like the pillar from Kabbalah.

And don’t forget Seattle is where the first documented cased outside of mainland China was recorded in the whole world.  That was January 21, 2020.