Faye Marie Swetlik, 6-year-old girl, found dead in South Carolina, February 13, 2020

Murder by Numbers News

On the 44th day of the year, February 13, 2020, all mainstream was sure to make sure the world knew about the potential homicide of a little girl, only 6.

*She was recovered by police.  *Officer = 44

Notice, she disappeared in Cayce, South Carolina, summing to 193, the 44th prime.

When you run the alphabetic order in reverse, the town’s name sums to 293, the 62nd prime, which connects to the child’s name, and the word ‘sacrifice’.

The name Faye Swetlik connects to ‘sacrifice’ in both reduction ciphers.

*Execution = 44 / 46

The neighborhood, Churchill Heights, a name that says much in itself, has Gematria of 170, connecting to ‘sacrifice’ as well.


As for her full name, Faye Marie Swetlik, it has standout Gematria.



Notice the town is on the 33rd parallel north, and we often see 33 and 74 come together.

*Ritual = 81 / 81

And the reason for 33 and 74 is as follows.  Think Jesus on the cross at 33.

Churchill? Jesus? Cross?