February 28 Coronavirus Headlines | 5 dead from Diamond Princess cruise, Clorox stock up, World Health Organization warns of global spread & recession fears grow

News Science

These headlines are from February 28, 2020, a perfect date to report on ‘death’.  Notice how ‘Diamond Princess’ fits in as well.

Notice, ‘Clorox’, one of the most lethal and cancer causing companies on the planet, is taking advantage of the ‘corona’virus outbreak, which is more than likely false fear pandered by big government worldwide.

Notice Wuhan is on the 30th Parallel North.

Read about toxic products found in most homes:  https://smartklean.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/the-top-12-cancer-causing-products-in-the-average-home/

More than 20 vaccines for 2020?

Don’t forget what we covered this week about WHO and the year 1911, in light of the market falling 1911 points February 24 and 25.