Floyd Mayweather’s uncle dies at 58, Roger “Black Maba” Mayweather, March 17, 2020 news, after death of ex-

Murder by Numbers Sports

Read about Floyd Mayweather’s ex’s death:

Now his uncle is dead days later, at age 58.  This news comes on the 77th day of the year.

There’s a Kobe Bryant parallel here… more ahead.

This news comes on Mayweather’s 23rd day of his age.

Read about 83 and murder here: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/07/38-murder-by-numbers-movie-poster-and.html


The death comes 38-days from his uncle’s upcoming 59th birthday.

Notice his uncle had 59 wins. *59, 17th prime (Dead on 17th)


Roger was known as the Black Mamba…

Again, he died on Floyd’s 23rd day of his age.


In light of the Kobe Bryant, Black Mamba parallel, notice Floyd Mayweather’s birthday is February 24, the 55th day of the year, the same day they had the Kobe Bryant Memorial in the Staples Center.

See my past work on Kobe Bryant, his father Joe, the number 55, and The Boule: https://gematriaeffect.news/?s=boule