Food For Thought | Is it a coincidence the media announced they were remaking Stephen King’s The Stand just before the coronavirus outbreak?

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If you’re not familiar with The Stand, it is one of Stephen King’s most remembered works, and a favorite of many of his fans. It was a big announcement when in November of 2019, it was reported they were remaking the series. Keep in mind, that was right before the ‘coronavirus’ headlines started to flow, with patient zero first being reported December 12, 2019, 56-days after the the Event 201 coronavirus outbreak simulation.

Keep in mind the novel released in ’78, emphasis on 78.

And don’t forget that ‘corona’ means ‘crown’… what the ‘King’ wears…

*The patient zero date has now been moved to November 17, 2019, the day leaving 44-days left in the year. *Military = 44 *The Stand = 44