Former Love Island host Caroline Flack found dead, February 15, 2020, during Lupercalia +Secret relationship with Prince Harry

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This news comes February 15, the 46th day of the year, the anniversary of Vanity’s death, and many others.

Her name has gematria equating with murder as well, in multiple ways.

Caroline Flack = 56 / 79 *Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

Her full name is Caroline Louise Flack.

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More on her name gematria is as follows:

191, 43rd prime *Killing = 43 *Society of Jesus = 191 *Jesus Christ = 43

Murder = 83


Killing = 115 *Masonic = 115

She has been found dead precisely 14-weeks after her birthday.  *Dead = 14

The 98 days is also crucial, because her death comes on the last day of Lupercalia, which begins February 13 and goes through the 15th.

Notice tha Lupercalia has gematria of 44 and 64, like kill. Each year we see ritualistic deaths on these specific dates.

From the date she was charged with assault, to her death, is 64-days later.

It has since come out that Flack had a secret relationship with Prince Harry.

Her death came 213-days before Prince Harry’s upcoming 36th birthday (see past work on Meghan Markle and 36). Again, Lupercalia begins February 13, or 2/13, a number associated with death. *See work on 2Pac.

She was in her 41st year of her life, dying at age 40-years and 99-days.