Gavin Newsom orders 40 million in California to lockdown, March 19, 2020 +Kobe Bryant’s January 26, 2020 death

Coronavirus Government News Police State

“After projecting 56% will be infected with coronavirus in eight weeks”. – Sub-head, main story

*8-Weeks = 56-Days

This is straight toilet paper.

The 40th Governor of California has locked down 40 million in the state, as of March 19, 2020.  Forty is a Biblical number.  Think of the flood, and 40 days and 40 nights, etc., from the Torah.

3/19/2020 = 3+19+20+20 = 62

3/19/2020 = 3+19+(2+0+2+0) = 26

When you think Torah, think Old Testament.  The 4th book of the OT and Torah is ‘Numbers’.

40 = 4+0 = 4

Read more about 40 and the Bible here:

*Many 68 examples with Wuhan news to date (especially in NBA; Basketball = 40 / 68)

*Old Testament = 40 / 68 (Biblical number, 40 days and 40 nights, etc.)

The U.S. is a land of biblical riddles.

Keep in mind there are 929 chapters in the Old Testament.

260 in New Testament *Religion = 260

Read this next bit, and notice the mentions of 157, and 243,000. It might remind you of someone who died in California recently, on their 157th day of their age… at age 41. *Hint Kobe Bryant = 41 / and ?

157?  Kobe Bryant?  243,000?  Kobe Bean Bryant?  See that work if you have not already. Of course, it was Kobe who died on his 157th day of his age, in an “accident”. *Accident = 157

The U.S. is 243-years-old at the moment, turning 244 on July 4, 2020.

Today is a span of 54-days from Kobe’s January 26, 2020 death.

Today is also 53-days

53, 16th prime; Kobe helped the Lakers win their last, and 16th championship.  Don’t get me started on Super Bowl 53 (Patriots = 53), Patriots over Los Angeles (53), with 16 points scored.

Keep an eye on the Olympics.  That will be a key indicator.

And don’t forget Kobe’s death was foreshadowed in the cartoon, ‘End of Days’, a biblical theme. He was also flying from Catholic Church.

Notice how the 40th Governor’s name syncs with ‘Coronavirus’, 56, 142, 155.  Remember, it was an NBA team in California, the Warriors, in San Francisco, who lead the way to the league suspending play on March 11, 2020, the 142nd day of the NBA season.

Today is 23-weeks after his 52nd birthday.  *Government = 52 *California = 52 *Gavin Newsom = 52

The chessboard is set.