Gayle Benson & New Orleans Saints tied to Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal, January 24, 2020 news

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This news comes on a perfect date, connecting football and religion.

Today is January 24, or 24/1, like 241, the 53rd prime.

The Vesica Piscis is the shape of the football, and the shape often show around Jesus.  It is symbolic of God in sacred geometry.

The owner of the team, Gayle Benson, has Gematria that goes with ‘Vatican’.

Read about past rituals with the Saints and Pope Francis.

Saints genocide Redskins 71-days from Pope’s birthday:

Saints improve to 12-2 on Pope Francis’ 82nd birthday:

Pope Francis’ accidentally tags Saints:

I must also note that Gayle Benson’s January 26 birthday is so ‘New Orleans’.

Keep in mind, today has 45 date numerology.

1/24/20 = 1+24+20 = 45