Goodie Mob’s 1995 song Cell Therapy (& music video) and the coronavirus outbreak of 2020

Coronavirus Entertainment


At the 56 second mark of this song, you see the men in the window wearing masks, much like the people of 2020, who are afraid of the coronavirus.  The 56 second mark matters because it is the number coded all over the coronavirus ritual.

The lyrics to this song are telling:

We will examine parts of the song, starting here.

Atlanta is where the CDC is, or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.  They are central to Event 201 and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak agenda.  As the lyrics state, coronavirus is targeted at the poor, just as they state in the Event 201 simulation.

*Center for Disease Control and Prevention = 201


This song came out in 1995, 25-years before 2020.  *Time = 25 *Death = 25

“Listen to me now, believe me later on”.

FEMA Camps?  Mass plastic coffins?  Keep in mind those were found in Georgia, where Goodie Mob the rap group is from.


This says it all, especially with the wall going up across the southern border at this moment in history.

And don’t overlook that part, “People it’s gone be a slaughter.”  In light of the group being from Georgia, think of the Georgia Guidestones, which call for reducing the world’s population by more than 90%.


Bean?  Kobe Bean Bryant?  The man with the crown on his arm?  Remember, corona means crown, and Kobe Bryant is now buried in Corona del Mar.

One more time, the Event 201 coronavirus simulation states that the poor begin to die rapidly six months after the outbreak.  Worldwide, the poor are often of darker complexions.


This part is describing accepting the number of the beast, from Revelation.  Remember, the first case of coronavirus in the US was discovered January 21, 2020, emphasis on 1/21, like 121.

Revelation = 121; Coronavirus Outbreak = 121

The album the song was released on was Soul Food, which came out November 7, 1995, the same day in history that Bill Gates released the film ‘The Next Pandemic’, in 2019.

The single released September 26, the day leaving 96-days left in the year.

*September 26 leaves 96-days left in the year *Knowledge = 96