Google’s location data shows who is violating COVID-19 orders +CNN calls for laws making not wearing masks illegal, like back in 1918

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The 2:58 post time is not an accident.

Bill Gates. the face of big tech, has a huge role in this.  Don’t forget his Event 201..

And don’t forget that computer and internet sum to 666.

This Google related news comes April 3, or 3/4, like 34.

Related, this is also on CNN’s front page today, making not wearing masks illegal, like they did back in 1918, during the time of the Spanish Flu.

As we read a week ago, Russia is using their new facial recognition surveillance cameras to fine and arrest those who violate new laws that are aimed to stop the spread of coronavirus.  Of course, similar measures will be taking place in a nation near you, and with all the tracking and camera capability of big brother, it is safe to say, 1984 has arrived.  Read more here:

*Apple priced their first consumer computer at $666 in 1976.