Grand Princess cruise ship with coronavirus case off the coast of San Francisco, California, March 5, 2020 pandemic propaganda

News Science

These headlines are from the 65th day of the year, ‘pandemic’ day.

Don’t forget the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation simulated a coronavirus outbreak October 18, 2019, killing 65-million in the simulation.

Besides Seattle, the cruise ship off the coast of ‘California’ is getting big attention today.

Don’t forget how this is all synced with the ‘Year of the Rat’.

‘Greece’ and ‘pandemic’ go together.

And ‘Austria’ and ‘cruise ship’ fit too.

‘Austria’ and ‘virus’ fit together as well.

*89, the 11th prime

Notice he departed February 28, the 59th day of the year.  *Death = 228

*Austrian = 113 *Scottish = 113 *Freemasonry = 59

*Piraeus = 89 / 46 *Virus = 89 / 46

Notice how Grand Princess Cruise syncs with ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

And notice how it was a 71-year-old who died.

And last, notice this whole story comes out of Greece, the land of the masons, who have the motto, ‘order out of chaos’, and who work by this code of letters and numbers.

It was an ‘Austrian’.