Greg Robinson of the Cleveland Browns busted with 157-pounds of weed, February 19-20, 2020 news

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*This story broke February 19, 2019, a date with 61 numerology.  *Ohio = 61

157, the flavor of the week.  Of course, Kobe Bryan, who has a name summing to 157, recently died on his 157th day of his age, and then the NBA All-Star Game, that was dedicated to him, had a “target score” of 157-points.

*157, 37th prime

*Kobe Bryant = 157; Bryant = 37

In this case, 157 is the 37th prime, and that connects to the gematria of ‘weed’.

Notice how ‘Greg Robinson’ syncs with ‘weed’ as well.

The name Greg Robinson also has Gematria of 181, the 42nd prime, meaning he is the latest black man getting shamed in black history month.

You know the 42 list, don’t you.  If not, read my book.  Top right corner.