Greta Thunberg survives the coronavirus, March 24, 2020 propaganda news by the numbers +Where climate change meets coronavirus

Celebrity Coronavirus News

Not TIME’s Person of the Year!  What a joke!

Notice this news comes on her 82nd day of her age. *Game = 82 *Covid = 82

It also comes 2-months 22-days into her age.

Today is 183-days after her September 23, 2019 UN speech.

You might recall her UN speech came 263-days after her birthday.  If not, read more here:

This is how a climate change activist fits in with a coronavirus scare.

As for that top emphasized phrase…

Remember, the Bavarian Illuminati was established with 13 families, May 1, 1776, a date with 99 numerology.  This matters because Greta’s UN speech was on the day leaving 99-days left in the year, September 23 (23, 9th prime). 

*5/1/776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99 *Thirteen = 20+8+9+18+20+5+5+14 = 99

Notice how the gematria of ‘Greta Thunberg’ overlaps with Knights Templar and United Kingdom, two of the very key players in this contrived coronavirus outbreak ordeal.

Of course the 65 syncs with ‘pandemic’.

And 70 syncs with ‘coronavirus’.