Harvey Weinstein found guilty of rape, same day as Kobe Bryant Memorial, February 24, 2020

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On the same day as the Kobe Bryant memorial, a man who was accused of rape in the summer of 2003, Harvey Weinstein, a movie mogul, is found guilty of rape. Keep in mind, they’re both LA men as well.

Today is February 24, the 55th day of the year.  The parallel is Satan and the Synagogue of Satan.  In Kobe’s case, he was employed by them, whereas Harvey is of them.

Further connecting the two men, this comes 24-days before Weinstein’s 68th birthday, and 185-days after Kobe’s 41st birthday.  Of course, Kobe wore #24, plus it is the 24th of February, and the number 68 connects ‘rape’ and ‘basketball’.

Notice how ‘Harvey’ and ‘rapist’ go together.


26.5 hours?  *Bryant = 26

Today is 101-days to the start of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020. 

*101, 26th prime *Finals = 101 *Philadelphia = 101 (Kobe’s hometown)

26.5 hours is 1,590 minutes.  *Scottish Rite = 159