Idris Elba, “negro” actor, tests positive for coronavirus, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Entertainment

The black actor who is at the top of Hollywood?

This news comes March 16, 2020, a date with 59 numerology, and also the 76th day of the year.

3/16/2020 = 3+16+20+20 = 59

Remember, the million man march (black men) was on the day leaving 76-days left in the year.

Further, notice this man’s name sums to 65.

Never forget Event 201, the coronavirus simulation outbreak of October 18, 2019, which simulated the death of 65-million people worldwide, over the course of 18-months.

Notice, they had to mention he is 47-years-old.  This entire agenda is Masonic, the “47 clan”.

Remember, the World Health Organization was established April 7, or 4/7, like 47.

And notice the emphasized phrase at the top, summing to 96.

*The divisors of 42 sum to 96.

This news came on his 193rd day of his age (44th prime number).  Keep that in mind incase we see his condition deteriorate in the near future.  You know what “44” means after all, especially in black history.  Hello MLK, hello Malcolm X.

Update: On Tuesday, March 17, Idris Elba discussed ‘coronavirus conspiracy theories’, the same day we exposed the ritual on YouTube with his supposed contraction.

Notice, he is the star of the show ‘Luther’.  It has a nice overlap with ‘corona’.

Also, consider the news of him testing positive came on his 193rd day of his age, the 44th prime, reminding that Martin LUTHER King Jr. was killed on 4/4, or April 4.