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This man’s death was announced the day of Super Bowl 54, a date with 44 numerology.  We know about championships and celebrity death…

2/2/2020 = 2+2+20+20 = 44

Notice how his name J. Snacks syncs with the Super Bowl.

They were sure to stop the clock on 1:12 when the game was all but over.

*J Snacks = 77 (Chiefs improved to 7-7 vs 49ers all-time)

Further, notice how ASAP Mob ties in with Kansas City, San Francisco, and Super Bowl.

*He was the DJ. D = 4; J = 1

*Mahomes became 4-1 in the playoffs, winning the Super Bowl.

Blood sacrifice also sums to 67, as does the name ‘Snacks’.

As for his name J. Scott, it sums to 15, like Mahomes, #15, got the W and Super Bowl MVP.