Mayor Carolyn Goodman, wants to reopen Las Vegas, April 22, 2020 news

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Today is April 22, 2020.

From Carolyn Goodman’s birthday to her being front page news, is “28 Days Later”.

Notice, Goodman is of the tribe, who control all sides of this contrived coronavirus pandemic agenda. Of course, everyone with that surname is. And in light of the tribe connection, don’t forget that today is the 113th day of 2020. Read more about 113 here:

And most importantly, don’t forget what happens in Event 201, where governments reopen too soon from the coronavirus scare, and then BOOM!, the virus turns super deadly, for poor people. Goodman probably doesn’t care as much about those types, because they don’t spend as much at her tribe members’ casinos.

Also, don’t forget that ‘Las Vegas’ sums to 86, like ‘coronavirus outbreak’, and Vegas is one of the leading travel destinations in the world.