Joe Burrow’s birthday is 54-days before Super Bowl 54, January 22, 2020


Joe Burrow, the Heisman and championship winning quarterback, who defeated Clemson in New Orleans in the National Championship on a date with 54 numerology, has a birthday coming 54-days before Super Bowl 54.

1/13/2020 = 1+13+20+20 = 54 (Date of college championship)

-The game was 54-days after Dabo Swinney’s birthday

-Trevor Lawrence became 25-1 as a starter (251, 54th prime)

With regards to Joe Burrow being named, Joe, Super Bowl 54 is the Joe Montana Bowl, with a matchup between his two teams, the 49ers and Chiefs.

Notice the name Joe Burrow sums to 116, reminding of Joe Montana’s 11/6 birthday.  Keep in mind, in the NFL Conference Championships, which set the Super Bowl, 116-points were scored, with the Chiefs winning 35-24, and the 49ers winning 37-20.

Joe Burrow wore #9 for LSU, and the 49ers are often nicknamed the Niners.  And don’t forget, the day KC advanced to the Super Bowl, there was supposedly a shooting at the 9ine Ultra Lounge, in KC, owned by a former Kansas City Chief.  If the Chiefs do win the Super Bowl, they will have won 9 straight games to conclude the year.

ALSO, don’t forget that Joe Burrow transferred from Ohio State to LSU, and the 49ers young star, Nick Bosa, comes from Ohio State.  He also wears 97 for the 49ers, like Burrow sums to 97.

And notice Nick Bosa has that 52 connection too, connecting to Joe Montana Bowl.

Recall, the 49ers and Chiefs last played September 23, or 23/9, 71-weeks before the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is on Bosa’s 103rd day of his age, a number we have tracked all season, since the Packers beat the Bears 10-3, opening night, a span of 103-days from the death of Bart Starr.

-103 is the 27th prime

-If Cheifs win, the AFC & NFC will be tied in Super Bowls, 27-27

-Miami = 27

-Red = 27

Also, Joe Montana Super Bowl sums to 77, and if the Chiefs win, the 49ers and Chiefs will be tied 7-7 all-time in head to head matchups.