Joker nominated for 11 awards at 92nd Oscars, February 9, 2020 +The Joaquin Phoenix “coincidence”


You have to appreciate that the 92nd Oscars fall on February 9, or 9/2, and ‘The Joker’ is up for the most nominations 11, where 92 has numerology of 11, and The Joker sums to 92.  

92 is 9+2 = 11

Of course, in the film Joker, each time a clock is shown, it is set at 11:11 — 11 being the master number, and the time 11:11 holding many superstitions about it.

For another 11, the 92nd Oscars comes 128-days after the release of the film.  128 is 1+2+8 = 11

Don’t forget Joker also sums to 31, the 11th prime.

You can chalk this all up as coincidence, as the director has called it, stating that even the clocks all being at 11:11 was not intended.

The 92nd Oscars come 104-days after Joaquin Phoenix’s 45th birthday, reminding that the film released on October 4, the same day #45, Donald Trump, was subpoeaned for his phone call with the Ukrainian President, who was formerly a comedian, or a joker…

Joaquin Phoenix’s full name sums to 104 as well…

Joaquin Phoenix should keep this Oscar fact in mind as well, regarding his life.

He died in 2008, 11-years before the film released.

Also, notice how ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Joker’ both sum to 59, and don’t forget Joker just released on the 277th day of the year, the 59th prime.

Joker’s 11 nominations are as follows: