Judge Judy’s announcer, Jerry Bishop, dead at 84, April 25, 2020 news, for 25th and final season of show

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The title and name Judge Judy Sheindlin sums to 84.

*Zionism = 84 *Masonry = 84 *Jesuit = 84


He died April 21, 2020, a date with 45 numerology.

4/21/20 = 4+22+20 = 45

Notice Judy Sheindlin sums to 197, the 45th prime.

The name Judge Judy also sums to 46, like sacrifice.

The name Jerry Bishop connects to ‘sacrifice’ as well.

And notice, they saved the news for the 25th, and before the start of the 25th and final season of Judge Judy (who has an annual contract of $47-million).


For one last point, the news comes 187-days after Judge Judy’s birthday, the homicide code.

Keep in mind, our laws are largely based on Abrahamic Laws, and the Torah, which the Abrahamic religions are based out of, is 187 chapters.


For one last point, the name Judge Judy Sheindlin also sums to 201, a big number in the ongoing coronavirus rituals.