Kanye West reflects on Kobe Bryant’s death in April 15, 2020 GQ article, while posing with a tank in Wyoming

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This cover was announced April 15, 2020, and is the cover for the month of May.  It’s interesting they chose to shoot a picture of Kanye West, on a tank, in Wyoming, the 44th State.


And May and 42.

*Kanye West is 42

Don’t forget Google “leaked” the World War III start date as May 6, 2020.  We’ll see what that actually means in the near future.

You’ll notice the article has a lot to do with Kobe Bryant, and it came 80-days after his reported death on January 26.

It is also a span of 81-days. *Ritual = 81 / 81

As for Kanye being in a tank, they’re greatest fear in combat, are helicopters, what Kobe died in.

Don’t forget, Kobe died a span of 135-days from Kanye West’s birthday, and ‘Kobe Bean Bryant’ sums to 135, like ‘Central Intelligence Agency’.  Of course, Kobe and Kanye starred in the Nike film, ‘The Black Mamba’, which ends with an exploding helicopter.  See my past work on that.

This story also released 54-days before Kanye’s upcoming 43rd birthday.