Karl Anthony-Towns’ mother Jacqueline, dies of coronavirus, April 13, 2020, after March 25 news story

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Read the March 25, 2020 news of Karl Anthony Towns’ mother:  https://gematriaeffect.news/karl-anthony-towns-becomes-the-latest-nba-player-with-a-coronavirus-story-by-the-numbers-march-25-2020/

She has died a span of 20-days from that story, in 2020, the year of ‘death’.

Her name ‘Jacqueline’ sums to 56, like ‘coronavirus’.

She is dead on Anthony’s 151st day of his age.


Recall, March 25, 2020, the date she was announced sick, was the date of the massive stimulus bill that was for the Knights Templar and Scottish Rite Freemasons who control the world of banking.

This news also comes 33-days after March 11, 2020, the day the NBA locked down, and the date a “pandemic” was declared by the WHO.

*Scottish = 113 *Masonry = 33 *Secrecy = 33 *Order = 33 *Corona = 33