Keep an eye on May 6, 2020 coronavirus / COVID-19 headlines, “the next phase”

Coronavirus Government News

Recall, May 6, 2020, will mark 201-days after Event 201, and it will mark 56-days after March 11, 2020, the date the pandemic was declared.  As we know, 56 has been one of the most encoded numbers in the coronavirus pandemic.

In Massachusetts, face masks will be required in public.  This is part of the “new normal”.

Same in Denver, Colorado.  *Denver = 68 *Coronavirus coined in 1968

In New York City, the subway will begin closing each night to disinfect.

And New York Universities will begin discussing “the next phase”.–events/events/covid19-as-of-may-6-2020.php

In South Korea, they’re relaxing social distancing guidelines.

I’m sure there is much more.  Let me know what you see.