Keep your eye on the Super Pink Moon of April 7, 2020 in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

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As we know, the Jews line up their religious holidays with the moon, and every 19-years, the moon does a reset in the sky, which is why Jewish holidays fall on the same day of the year on the Gregorian calendar, every 19-years.  Of course, it was the you know whose behind 9/11, 19-years ago, and no doubt it is the same clan behind the “coronavirus pandemic”.

April 7, 2020 will be 77-days after the first coronavirus case was found in the U.S., or the 78th day of their being a case in the U.S.

*Judaism = 77; *Zionist = 77

*Wuhan Coronavirus = 78; *Scottish Rite = 78; *Super Pink Moon = 78

*Order Out of Chaos = 78; ***Chaos = 19

April 7 is also the World Health Organization’s birthday.

*Judaism = 74 *Gematria = 74

*Star of David = 47

Hebrew Calendar: