Kim Jong-un rumored to be dead on Korean People’s Army’s 88th birthday, April 25, 2020 & his sister, Kim Yo-Jong’s takeover

Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News

*4/25/2020 = 4+25+(2+0+2+0) = 33 *Kim = 11+9+13 = 33

Kim Jong Un is reportedly dead April 25, 2020, on the DPRK’s birthday.  His death comes on a date with 49 numerology, connecting to the gematria of DPRK.

4/25/20 = 4+25+20 = 49

This news comes on the 109th day of Kim Jong Un’s age.  *Military = 109

The Korean People’s Army was born in 1932, meaning it turned 88-years-old today.

*His sister was born in ’88 *Trump = 88

In other words, it is more New World Order propaganda by the numbers.

*Propaganda = 177

4/25/2020 = 4+25+20+20 = 69

The possible cause of death is a ‘botched heart surgery’, or a “222”.

At this time it is being reported that Kim Jong Un hasn’t been seen since April 11, or 11/4, like 114.

Notice the name Kim Jong Un sums to 114.

In light of the military ritual, keep in mind World War sums to 114.

9 out of 10 Americans can’t tell the difference between Koreans and Japanese.

The death comes on his sister’s 213th day of her age, on the 25th.

*Kim Yo-Jong = 119 / 47 / 124 / 43

For one last point, the Korean War began on what would have been George Orwell’s 47th birthday.  Of course, in the time Jong-Un was in power, his birthday went from 1983, to 1984.