Kobe Bryant & Gigi doing a sun dunk, January 28, 2020 article

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Remember, Kobe Bryant died at age 41, on his 157th day of his age, a little more than a month after being in headline for sorting out a car accident on his 113th day of his age.  The 58 connects to the calendar and King James (the real one died at 58) passing Kobe in points scored in his hometown, Philadelphia, a Biblical city, the day before, which was an accomplishment that came exactly 26-days after LeBron James’ (King James) birthday. And of course, Kobe’s death was on a SUNday.

*Gregorian = 58

*Calendar = 58

*Zodiac = 58

Don’t forget the calendar system we’re on comes from the Catholic Church, and Kobe’s crash was on the Pope’s 41st day of his age. ALSO, Kobe was reportedly traveling from a Catholic Church when he crashed.

Notice the article was posted on the 28th of January.  Sun God = 28

Now let us not forget, the ‘Son’ of God’, not to be confused with the ‘Sun of God’, has the strong 74 connection, and Kobe has died during the 74th NBA season, in a massive 33 ritual.

Remember, Jesus on the cross at 33, the King of Kings (who wear crowns / coronas).

And don’t forget how ‘Kobe Bean Bryant’ sums to 54, like ‘sun’.

The country is 243-years-old.

The nation’s birthday is 7/4.

One state sums to 74, the 33rd Oregon.

George Washington had 74 generals, 33 of which were masons.  

*George Washington = 74 *Masonry = 33

And for the closer, Kobe finished his career with #24, like the number of hours in a day, which are dictated by the sun.

Truthiracy 3 is doing work on this as well: