Kobe Bryant in Destiny’s Child Bug-A-Boo music video & The Writing’s On the Wall album

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Think it’s a coincidence that Beyonce won her 24th Grammy on the day that Kobe Bryant, #24, died?

As we’ve discussed for years, the world of entertainment, from music to sports, is a web of rituals, and each one of these rituals leads to the next, until it is the death of the entertainer, as recently became the case with Kobe Bryant.  If you have missed the work on Kobe Bryant’s passing up to this point, get caught up here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/?s=kobe+bryant

A big number in the rituals surrounding Kobe’s death has been 157, where Kobe Bryant sums to 157 in gematria, and he died on his 157th day of his age, plus WAY MORE.  Well, once upon a time, in 1999, he was in a Destiny’s Child music video for the song Bug-A-Boo, which was on the album “The Writing’s On the Wall”, which released July 27, 1999, the day leaving 157-days left in the year.


Notice the music video for Bug-A-Boo was released on August 23, 1999, Kobe Bryant’s 21st birthday.

Of course, Kobe died on January 26, or 1/26, like how ‘Bug-A-Boo’ sums to 126.

Kobe also died during the 74th NBA season.

Destiny?  The writing’s on the wall?  Think about it.

Another point worth considering is that Beyonce, the star of the group, is now married to Jay-Z.  Kobe Bean Bryant died on Jay-Z’s 54th day of his age.

*Kobe died 5-months and 4-days into his age

From Beyonce’s 38th birthday to Kobe’s death was 144-days.

They call Beyonce the Queen Bee.

Remember, Beyonce’s birthday leaves 118-days left in the year, and is often times a fateful date in the calendar year.  Just ask Joan Rivers.  Also, 144 relates to her marriage with Jay-Z, on the April 4, as well as Kim Kardashian’s and Kanye West’s marriage on the 144th day of the year.

Time is everything to these people.  And speaking of time, Kim and Kanye, Kobe crashed just minutes from their mansion, and of course, Kobe did the predictive programming film The Black Mamba with Kanye, which ends with an exploding helicopter.

And for one last point, the music video of Bug-A-Boo released on a date with 59 numerology.

8/23/1999 = 8+23+(1+9+9+9) = 59

He wasn’t even going by ‘Black Mamba’ back then, but still…